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The science&minds platform matches enterprises with experts in the life sciences and healthcare industry for their research, consulting, and hiring needs. For example, you can post a project requesting medical writing, biostatistics support, etc. Trialect platform is part of Trialect Incorporation, USA. Example case scenarios:

You are a busy researcher or a clinician in the United States, and you want to get a research paper or an interesting case report published. As a client, you can post a project requesting help with drafting a manuscript or arranging the tables. You can then select experts based on their profiles for your project. Experts will then submit proposals with costing and timelines. You can choose any proposal you think is the right fit., e.g., John Doe from South Africa submits a proposal for $200- and a 1-week timeline to draft and submit your manuscript. You can accept, follow the steps, and get your project done if you like the proposal.

Science&minds only supports projects related to life sciences and healthcare. The initial areas of focus of the science&minds platform are Scientific Writing, Grant Writing, Journal Manuscript Submission, Research Consulting, Case Consulting, Pharma-CRO-Device Consulting, Hospital-Pharmacy-Insurance, Data Science-Bioinformatics, Collaborative Consulting, Literature Review, and Collaborative Publishing.

No, if you have already registered on , you can simply use the same credentials and log into science&minds. If you are not a member of Trialect, you can directly register on .

Experts on science&minds are from worldwide with diverse backgrounds in life sciences and healthcare enterprises. They can be physicians, scientists, public health professionals, and other allied health professionals. You get to select the experts for your projects based on their profiles and hourly rates. The experts on science&minds can provide cost-effective and time-bound solutions for your projects.

Expert Consulting involves engaging experts for remote work such as medical writing, grant writing, scientific writing, expert opinion, technology development, etc., where the experts deliver the job and get paid. For example, if you want to submit a grant proposal, you can post a project requesting grant writing and get it done by the experts on the science&minds platform.

Project Support involves typically lab support provided by the principal investigator of an academic lab where he can conduct research on biological samples or otherwise as requested by the client, who can be from an industry or academia. For example, a start-up biotech company in San Diego needs to test its samples for next-gen sequencing. They can outsource to an institute in Germany or perhaps China or India to cut costs.

Database sharing involves an expert who can offer good data to share it online. A client can then purchase the database for scientific and research purposes.

No, Trialect strictly prohibits professionals or enterprises from sharing or exchanging patient-related information or identifiers, such as age, gender, name, and SSNs.

Yes, you can toggle between client and expert account on the top right-hand side.


A Client can be an independent professional (like community-based physicians and other health workers), an academic department, or a corporate enterprise in the life sciences and healthcare industry, who post projects seeking help from experts for their job.

If you are a busy clinician and found an interesting case, simply post your project requesting for literature search or medical writing scientific writing help and select the candidates based on their profile, interview them, and pay once the project is complete.

Log in to science&minds and toggle to Client mode on the right-hand side of the top menu bar. You will need to complete your profile when you post a project for the first time. You can then click on the “Post a Project” button and fill in the details of your goals, deliverables, desired skill-sets, and timelines, and invite Experts. Experts interested in your project can also submit their proposals independent of your invite. You can always reject these unsolicited proposals. Based on the expert’s background, references and pricing, the Client can accept or reject proposals, negotiate and hire the expert for the short-term consulting job. Once you hire the expert, it is called a “Contract.” Once you establish the contract, you have to deposit your money with science&minds for the project, and science&minds will pay the to the expert after completing the project.

You can review the expert profiles, including, but not limited to, their active affiliation, expertise, and education. There are three ways you can assess the expert. They are:

  • Subscriber: If you see the “S” sign on the profile, it suggests that the expert is an active subscriber and is seriously interested in working on the platform.
  • Authenticated: If you see “A” on the profile, it suggests that the science&minds team has authenticated the profile by verifying their passport, driver’s license, etc.
  • Check References: You can also contact their references before engaging the expert.

While the platform clearly states that a client owns the intellectual property, experts and clients can always have a separate contract regarding intellectual property rights before starting a project.

You would have to contact your client to issue 1099-MISC or 1099-NEC, but you can ask your tax lawyers regarding a need for it.

You can hire an expert outside the science&minds platform. You will be asked to pay a fixed fee of only 1999 USD to us, which is negotiable.

No, it is your responsibility to work with the best expert you think can deliver the project the way you want.


Experts are independent professionals, physicians, or academic faculty, students like you who can be freelancing or belong to an enterprise who can support and help with the projects posted in life sciences and healthcare industry. Experts take up the projects on part-time basis, such as medical writing, grant writing, biostatistics support, pharma, health insurance processes review, and get paid after the project is done.

Log on to science&minds and toggle to expert mode on the right side of top menu bar and fill your profile if you are a first-time user. Subscribe and submit your proposals to projects that interest you.

Payments, Billing and Subscription

We suggest that you pay the experts through science&minds as we pay the experts only after approval, and once the project is done successfully. There is always a risk of fraud once you make payment outside of science&minds, and we take no responsibility or liability for any transaction outside of science&minds. Also, once you approve and the payment is made to the expert, there is no recourse, except negotiating with the expert.

Here are the steps for the payment process:

  • Once an expert secures the project from the client
  • Client deposits money with science&minds (as an expert, please insist that the client deposits before you start the project with the client)
  • Once the project is done, client approves the payment
  • Science&minds then transfers the money to the expert
  • If the client does not approve, then it goes through dispute resolution process

Once you establish the contract with the client, there’s a 3% processing fee on the total amount you are paid. This is much cheaper than the processing fee charged by other platforms, which can range from 10 to 20%

Subscriber status gives you the ability to submit proposals to various projects posted on the platform. This also assures a client that you are seriously interested in the project. Only subscribers are allowed to submit the project proposals. Subscription fee is only 3.99 USD paid as one-time fee of 47.88 USD per year. If you don’t get any consulting opportunity in the first one year, we will automatically extend your subscription fee to one more year free of cost.

Subscriber status helps you to post the projects and reach out to the thousands of experts around the world. Subscription status also helps an expert assess your serious intent to get the project done. Subscription fee is only 3.99 USD paid as one-time fee of 47.88 USD per year.

Once you establish the contract with the expert, there’s a 3% processing fee on the total amount you pay to your expert as a service fee or convenience fee, which is much cheaper than what is charged by many gig companies.

As a client, your payment is deposited initially with the science&minds platform. Once you approve, your payment will be transferred to the expert. If you have already deposited the money, and you decide not to work with expert, then you are entitled a full refund.

As an expert, once you decide to start the project, please make sure ask your client to deposit money with the science&minds platform. Once you submit the project, we will release the payment to you upon approval by the client.

Yes, you will receive the invoice after payment.

Your money is secured with science&minds platform until client and expert agree on the final payment. If they disagree and request dispute resolution with the science&minds team. Here is the approach Our team will facilitate and mediate amicable discussion between client and expert and see if you both agree on the final amount. The agreed final amount will then be paid to the expert and the rest refunded to the client.